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Experience the ancient healing art of authentic Thai massage, delivered by skilled therapists trained in the traditional techniques of Thailand.
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Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage, also known as Nuad Thai, is a therapeutic practice that combines acupressure, stretching, and assisted yoga postures to promote physical and mental well-being. Originating in Thailand, this ancient healing art has been passed down through generations, and it is deeply rooted in Thai culture.

Starting From £ 30
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Thai Oil/Hot Oil Massage

Thai oil massage is a soothing and therapeutic bodywork technique that combines the elements of traditional Thai massage with the use of aromatic oils. This invigorating massage method originated in Thailand and is designed to relax the body, calm the mind, and promote overall well-being.
Starting From £ 30

Reflexology/Thai Foot Massage

Reflexology, also known as Thai Foot Massage, is a therapeutic practice that focuses on stimulating specific points on the feet to promote overall well-being and balance in the body. Rooted in ancient Thai healing traditions, reflexology is based on the belief that different points on the feet correspond to various organs and systems within the body.
Starting From £ 30
Sanae Reflexology Massage
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Thai Head Massage

Thai head massage, also known as Indian head massage, is a rejuvenating and therapeutic practice that focuses on releasing tension and promoting relaxation in the head, neck, and shoulder areas.
Starting From £ 30

Relaxing Full Body Massage

A relaxing full body massage is a luxurious and indulgent experience designed to promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Through the skilled hands of our trained massage therapist, this therapeutic treatment targets the entire body, from head to toe, to release tension, reduce stress, and restore a sense of balance.

Starting From £ 30
Sanae Relaxing Full Body Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic technique that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Ideal for those seeking relief from chronic muscle tension and pain, this massage technique applies firm pressure and slow strokes to target specific areas of discomfort.
Starting From £ 40

Back, Neck and Shoulders

A back, neck, and shoulder massage is a targeted therapy that focuses on relieving tension and promoting relaxation in these specific areas of the body. With our modern lifestyles often leading to stress and sedentary habits, these areas can become particularly prone to tightness and discomfort.

Starting From £ 30
Sanae Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage Image
Sanae Sciatica or Hip Pain Relief Massage

Sciatica or Hip Pain Relief

Sciatica and hip pain relief massage is a specialized therapy designed to target discomfort in the sciatic nerve and hip region. Sciatica and hip pain can be debilitating, causing sharp pain, numbness, and tingling sensations that radiate down the leg. This targeted massage technique focuses on releasing tension and reducing inflammation in the affected areas.
Starting From £ 30

Couples Massage

A couples massage is a delightful and intimate experience that allows two people to enjoy a rejuvenating massage together in the same room. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a romantic getaway, or simply seeking quality time with your partner or friend, a couples massage provides an opportunity to relax and reconnect.
Starting From £ 60
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Waxing is a popular hair removal method that involves applying warm wax to the skin and then quickly removing it, taking the hairs with it. Waxing can be done on almost any area of the body, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area.

Starting From £ 10

Hot Stone Massage

* Female Only

Hot stone massage is a popular type of massage therapy that involves the use of heated stones to enhance the massage experience. Smooth, flat stones, typically made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat well, are heated to a comfortable temperature and then placed on specific points on the body.

Currently Unavailable🙏

Himalayan Salt Massage

* Female Only

Himalayan salt massage is a type of massage therapy that incorporates the use of Himalayan salt crystals. These crystals are made from pink salt derived from the Himalayan region and are known for their rich mineral content, including magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Currently Unavailable🙏
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